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SO-CAL Forged Ladder Bar Rear Housing Brackets So-Cal Coil Over Speedshocks Alloy Gas Filled So-Cal Coil Springs
So-Cal Coil Springs
Base Price $89.99

High quality forged ladder bar housing brackets. 3" diameter holes for 3" tubular/stamped housing. Clevis holes on 5-3/4" centers. Price is for a pair of TWO (2) brackets.

DIMENSIONS: 9" long, hole diameter 3", 1/2" thick

These premium 6061 aluminum shocks put the finishing touch on any ride. They are a direct replacement for our standard hot rod shock and manufactured to the highest standards in the industry. The replacement coil springs are for SO-CAL's coil-over speedshocks.  They only come on black and are offered in 220 #, 250 #, 300 #, and 350 #.
So-Cal Coil Over Shock Bolt Kits So-Cal Adjustable Coil Over Wrench SOCAL GT2 Track Panhard Bar Bracket
SO-CAL has developed these easy-to-install upper and lower coil-over shock bolt kits. SO-CAL has developed these easy-to-install upper and lower coil-over shock bolt kits.
This universal S/S component is ideal for the mounting of track or panhard bars where welding of the bracket to the chassis is not feasible. The bolt-on design is engineered to accommodate a 1/2" heim joint and uses a 9/16"-18 bolt that fastens through the existing mounting surface and into the provided captured hex nut. The bracket is offered in a plain or polished finish.
SOCAL Replacement Rear Shackle Bushings SOCAL GT2 S/S Coil Over Shock Mount Spacers SOCAL Model A Rear Spring Hangers
These shackle bushings are made of black urethane, have a 1/2" ID and fit a 3/4" eye, 2 1/4" wide rear spring.
These investment cast stainless steel spacers are manufactured in three different thicknesses and designed to accommodate even the most complicated ride height coil over shock absorber applications. They come in 1-1/4", 1-1/2" and 1-3/4" thickness and are available in a plain or polished finish. Sold in pairs.
These weld-on brackets mount to the top of the rear end housing and are designed for a 2-1/4" wide spring. Sold in pairs.
SO-CAL Lower Rear End Coil-Over Shock Mounts SO-CAL Rear Buggy Spring Hangers SO-CAL Rear Spring Clamps
SO-CAL Rear Spring Clamps
Base Price $29.00

These shock mounts offer a variety of mounting holes and weld-on to the rear end housing.

Forged Rear Buggy Spring Hangers: These forged steel ⅞” thick rear spring hanger brackets feature I-beam construction, 3" dia. holes for tubular/stamped housings. Note: Due to I-beam design; angle support gussets are no longer necessary. Price is for a pair.

These stamped polished stainless steel clamps are designed for 2 1/4" rear springs and come with polished stainless steel fasteners.

SO-CAL Model A Rear Spring U-Bolt Kit SO-CAL Ladder Bar Kits SO-CAL Ladder Bar Crossmember
SO-CAL Ladder Bar Kits
Base Price $510.00

This kit is a direct replacement for '28 to '31 Model 'A' Ford stock rear crossmembers. It has a fabricated steel base plate, 9/16-18 threaded mild steel u-bolts and nylon lock nuts. Price is for a pair.

This tried and tested rear ladder bar assembly is available in component form. This does not include the housing brackets or the dropped-tube crossmember.

This 5" dropped crossmember is designed for center mounted ladder bars and is cut extra long, at 43 1/4", to fit most any car.

SO-CAL Ladder Bar Rear Housing Brackets SO-CAL Rear Clevises SO-CAL Ladder Bar Bushing & Sleeve
SO-CAL Rear Clevises
Base Price $26.99

We offer two types of 3/8" thick steel housing brackets; 3" diameter angle/oval holes for early Ford housings and 3 1/2" diameter angle/oval holes for early Ford housings. Both have 1/2" diameter clevis holes on 5 3/4" centers.

We offer two types of clevises for rear ladder bars; polished S/S, 5/8"-18 male shank with a 7/16" hole and zinc plated steel, 5/8"-18 male shank with a 7/16" hole. Both clevises have a 3/8" slot and jam nut.

These bushings were designed as a suspension component, but over the years they have found their way into numerous hot rod applications, even motor mounts. They feature 90 durometer hardness and the 1/2" ID sleeves are 1 3/4" wide.

SO-CAL GT2 Weld-on Outer 4-link Rear Sleeves SOCAL GT2 Lower Rear End Shock Brackets SO-CAL Forged Rear End Shock Mounts

This outer weld-on sleeve is machined to match our GT2 S/S adjusters which have a peaked center. It fits many custom applications from suspension to motor mounts. Sold individually.

The universal bracket is designed for mounting either standard shock absorbers or, with the addition of our coil over spacers, is easily converted to accept a pair of coil over suspension shocks. It has three vertical 5/8" diameter lower control arm mounting hole and fits 3" diameter rear end housing.

These cast steeel lower rear shock mounts are designed for regular tube type shock absorbers. They offer a variety of mounting holes and weld-on to the rear end housing.

SO-CAL GT2 S/S Polished Rear Bushing Washers SO-CAL Steel Rear Shackles SO-CAL GT2 Rear Spring Shackle Kit

These stainless steel polished washers have a 5/8" ID and are sold individually.

These shackles are designed to work with our spring perches. Kits include urethane bushings and the shackles are available in cadmium or chromed finish.

The sculpted "dog bone" shackle design dates back to the early days of hot rodding. This beautifully polished investment cast assembly includes urethane bushings and stainless hardware. 2 1/4" spring shackles, polished.
SO-CAL GT2 Rear Sway Bar Kit SOCAL Speed Shop Rear Spring SO-CAL Rear Spreader Bar
SO-CAL Rear Spreader Bar
Base Price $85.00
This sway bar kit is designed for improving handling on '28-'34 Ford hot rods. The bar 7/8" diameter x 25" long is splined on both ends providing infinite adjustment. The kit includes pillow block mounting brackets, vertical links, leverage arms, hardware and comes in plain finish.

Engineered specifically for use with the SO-CAL Step-Boxed™ 32 chassis—though they can be used on most early hot rod chassis, this rear spring—exclusive to SO-CAL—was engineered after the 40 Ford spring in that it is straight and not curved like a stock '32 spring. We engineered it this way because curved springs are prohibitively expensive and unnecessary for hot rod applications. We also narrowed the spring for appropriate clearance for all wheel and tire applications including full-fendered '32's. That means you can install a 55-inch rear end under a full-fendered '32 with 8-inch rims and not have the spring eye/shackle rub the tire. These springs are likewise perfect for 55-inch-and-up rear ends including 57-inch wide hiboy rear ends. (All measurements are drum face to drum face.)

Available for 1932 (39.5" wide) and 1934 (43.75" wide) Fords only in polished stainless steel and manufactured to factory specifications. They bolt into the stock location adding that "just right" finishing touch.

GT2 S/S Rear Spreader Bar Fasteners SO-CAL Rear Crossmembers
SO-CAL Rear Crossmembers
Base Price $129.99

Rear blind-hole fastener for SO-CAL's GT2 S/S Rear Spreader Bar.

Sold seperately, price is for ONE fastener.

These 1 3/4" diameter DOM tubular crossmembers are available for either transverse leaf spring or coil-over shocks. They are designed to work in a number of applications...not just '32 Fords. They measure 37 1/2" in width but can be cut down for narrower applications.

A). #001-62097 Coil-over quick change crossmember
B). #001-62086 Coil-over shock crossmember
C). #001-62085 Transverse spring crossmember, including dog bone plates
D). #001-62155 Upper coil-over rear shock bolt kit
E). #001-62165 Upper shock mounting bolt kit
F). #001-60675 Dog bone plates only